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SSTM- Salver – January 2008

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Paper presented

Smt.Smitha Siji, Lecturer presented a paper titled ‘Indian ethos and management: Towards a new managerial vision’ at an international conference on ‘Expanding horizons of Indian business and Indian management’ held at IBA, Bangalore on January 15 and 16.


Paper published

An article by Shri Ajay Kumar Pillai, Lecturer, on ‘A study of behavioral variables influencing cost allocation system’ was published in PES Business Review, January 2008 issue.

 MCA students bag prizes

Two teams of MCA semester 5 students participated in the national level IT Meet ‘Technitrous 08’organized by MACFAST, Thiruvalla and bagged the first and third prizes in the event word hunt. The first prizewinners were Ebby Stephen, Prashant M. and Tiju Thankachan. The third prize-winning team consisted of Aji M. Thomas, Manosh M and Lineesh M.B.

In another national intercollegiate IT fest, ‘SanthiZest ’08,’organized by Santhigiri College, Thodupuzha a team of MCA semester 3 students, Anoop mathews and Mathew M. Thomas, bagged the first prize in the event ‘Chayachitra’ (Photography).

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SCMS Spectrum- January 2008

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Industry Institution Interaction

Shri Kannan B.Nayar, Head-Design Department, Maison Object Interiors, Al Yusuf Group, Dubai addressed the students on the topic ‘ Importance of design in management,’on January 4.

Shri Prasad George Jacob, CEO, Ecotech addressed the students on the topic ‘Global business scenario: Trends and changes,’ on January 25.

Shri P.K.Surendran from Braham Kumaris Vishwa Vidyalaya engaged the students on the topic ‘Mind management for a healthy management,’ on January 25.


Paper published

A paper by Dr.Abey Philip, Associate Professor titled ‘An analytical study for market integration hypothesis for natural rubber cultivation of Kerala’ has been accepted for publication in the forthcoming issue (April 2008) of ICFAI Journal of Agricultural Economics (a quarterly publication).


Paper accepted

A paper by Prof.V.Rajagopal, on ‘The four dimensional effects of economic developments due to tourism and challenges in the transportation sector in Kerala,’ has been accepted for presentation at the International Conference on Tourism in India – Challenges Ahead organized by IIM-K at Kozhikode on May 15, 16 and 17.


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National conference organized by AICTE

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Dr.G.P.C.Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group and Prof.B.Unnikrishnan, HOD-Mass Communication attended the National Conference on Development of Technical Education in India organized by AICTE at New Delhi on December 17 and 18. The purpose of the conference was to have a re-look and to make a thorough revamping of the entire technical education system in the country with full involvement and empowerment of all the stakeholders in order to help build national competitiveness and to face the new emerging challenges. Vice-Chancellors of Universities, Directors of premier technical education institutes including IITs, IIMs, NITs, IIITs and NITTTRs, and eminent persons from academia, government and industry participated in the conference.

 Dr.G.P.C.Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group and Prof.B.Unnikrishnan, HOD-mass Communication attending the National Conference on Development of Technical Education organized by AICTE at New Delhi on December 17 and 18.

Dr.G.P.C.Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group and Prof.B.Unnikrishnan, HOD-mass Communication attending the National Conference on Development of Technical Education organized by AICTE at New Delhi on December 17 and 18. 

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LifeTime Achievement Award to Dr. GPC Nayar

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Smt.Rajashree Birla, Director, Aditya Birla Group presenting the ABCI Lifetime Achievement Award to Dr.G.P.C.Nayar at the Annual Award Nite of ABCI held at Hotel President in Mumbai on January 11.

Smt.Rajashree Birla, wife of late Aditya Birla, and Director, Aditya Birla Group, presented the award to Dr.Nayar at the gala Annual Awards Nite of ABCI held at Hotel President,  Mumbai on January 11.

The Association of Business Communicators of India (ABCI), Mumbai has conferred the coveted Lifetime Achievement Award, the highest honour in India for a business communicator, on Dr.G.P.C.Nayar, Chairman, SCMS Group.

ABCI has honoured Dr. Nayar in recognition of his outstanding contribution, in promoting mass communication education in India at a time when this knowledge area had practically no recognition in the country, raising the stature of public relations to the level of a honorable profession of respect, elevating business communication as a key factor in management and above all for struggling to build up brotherhood among public relations professionals through seminars, workshops and national public relations conferences.

The tribute was also in recognition of Dr.Nayar’s signal service in the field of professional education in India, by pioneering the cause of promoting excellence in professional education, establishing a group of world-class self-financing institutions of higher learning in technology, management, engineering, biotechnology etc. His notable contribution in successfully leading a crusade, as the President of the managements of self-financing professional educational institutions in Kerala, against the move from the state government and the ruling political parties to crush the growth of self-financing educational institutions was also hailed by ABCI.

ABCI had earlier honored Dr. Nayar by conferring the prestigious award of ‘Fellow of the Brain Trust of ABCI,’ last year.

ABCI Award Winners 2008


ABCI Award winners for the year 2008.

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The East and the West shall ever meet !

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SCMS-COCHIN had the proud privilege of hosting an international conference of great significance on very crucial issues like the bilateral and trilateral relations among India, China and the U.S. at a very appropriate time. The fast growing two Asian giants are sure to become engines of global growth and reform. In all possibility, these two Asian nations will, in the near future, assume a position capable of reshaping the world order and redefining the world geo-political map, shifting the balance of power more favorably toward Asia.


This is the first time that some of the world renowned strategic experts from highly reputed institutions of the world like Harvard University, Georgia Tech University, Mercer University, all of USA, Tsinghua University, China and Hebrew University of Jerusalem of Israel have come together for a dialogue with Indian thought leaders on the crucial economic and political issues confronting the world, particularly the East and the West. SCMS-COCHIN had the good fortune of becoming the venue for this great event.


Perhaps, it is for the first time that strategic experts from the world’s only super power representing the West had a dialogue with the academicians and strategic experts of the fast-emerging economies of the East.


It is unfair to underrate India and China.  In fact, fifteen years ago, no one imagined that India would emerge as a country to be reckoned with in the global economic front. So is the case with China, which was more isolated than India in the global dialogue on technology or economy. Both of them had a glorious past. Their decline started after the 15th century. At the same time, the western society registered remarkable progress and reached such a level that they could subjugate the other nations to establish their supremacy. For almost throughout the twentieth century the U.S. had been leading the world as an economic and military super power.


Celebrated writer Mark Twain thought that the decline of the East was forever. So in one of his wrings he said, “East is East, West is West. Never the two shall meet.” Incredible as it may seem, SCMS-COCHIN had the good fortune of making East and West meet and that too for a new initiative in the form of an intellectual dialogue for analyzing the future shape of equations among the super power of the West and the emerging superpowers.


Knowing each other is a tough task. Yet we all will have to do so if we are to live in peace on this beautiful planet infested with all sorts of conflicts. Only by sharing our thoughts, knowledge, skills and the vast resources available in nature, can we enrich the life of all and move forward to prosperity.


The new initiative was just the beginning. The consensus after parleys was to continue the dialogue.


SCMS-COCHIN is indebted to Dr.Subramanian Swamy, Chairman of its Board of Governors and Chairman of the global NGO, the Centre for National Renaissance, New Delhi, for organizing this international meet at our campus.



                                                                                             Chairman, SCMS Group


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Karukutty Kitty – Februray 2008

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Induction Training Programme

An induction training programme was organized on January 22 and 23 for the benefit of the newly recruited faculty members of the institution. The participants were given a birds eyeview about the principles and policies of the SCMS Group. Later, they were exposed to a microteaching programme which was helpful in polishing their teaching skills. The programme was conducted by Prof. M.Madhavan, Principal, SSET and was assisted by Shri. K.C.Mathew, Asst.Professor (ME).

 Placement News

Placement activities of 2009 batch students were set rolling at SSET, this month. Carritor, leading IT Company, after their merger with Keane of USA has become a multinational conglomerate. They started off their recruitment programme for 2009 batch, and selected SSET as their first institution in Kerala. The programme was conducted on January 24 and around 60 students of BTech and MCA (from SSTM) were selected.


The placement cell has a hectic schedule ahead next month, with a host of IT based companies like IBS, L&T Infotech, Infosys Technologies, UST Global, HCL and Sathyam visiting the campus.


L&T Infotech has selected SSET to co-ordinate ‘Pravesh’, a training programme for their fresh recruits on February 2, 3 and 4 at SCMS Prathap Nagar campus. Around 400 delegates are expected to participate in the programme.


Two members of the teaching faculty have been shortlisted to attend a Teachers Training Programme on February 7 and 8 at L&T Infotech main campus, Chennai.


Campus connect programme of Infosys technologies

The placement cell has prepared an action plan and schedule of programme to be conducted this year. The programme is under finalization by the partners, Infosys Technologies.

    Papers Presented

Shri.Praveensal C.J Asst. Professor (Mechanical) presented a paper on ‘Health issues in Mining Industries’ at the International Conference on Materials for Future, held at Government Engineering College, Thrissur from January 17 to 19..

Shri.Lalu P.P., Asst.Professor (Mechanical) also presented a paper on ‘Laser-based drill head positioning system for a desktop CNC drilling machine’ at the above Conference held at Government Engineering College, Thrissur.

Smt. Anita G.Pillai Asst.Professor (Civil) presented a paper on ‘Finite element analysis of reinforced cement concrete pile caps’ at the above Conference held at Government Engineering College, Thrissur.

Prof. M.Madhavan, Principal, SSET published an article on Time Management in the Thozhil Veedhi of Malayala Manorama, January 5, 2008 issue.

 Personality Development ProgrammeAll batches of third year students attended a personality development programme conducted by eminent career consultant Dr. P.R. Venkataraman, during January 16 to 18. The programme was focused on topics like group discussion, personality tests, presentation Skills, and interview techniques. The objective of the programme was to prepare the students to face the challenges in the employment market. 

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